About Me
I am a professional freelance web designer specializing In User Interface, User Experience, Frontend & Backend Development and much more.

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About Birchfield Design

Over the past 10 year's I have demonstrated strong work ethics in professional environments, as well as leadership qualities. I also has various software application abilities and desire to assist other web developers, young and old enthusiast, about the web development environment and even help building their own sites.

Over the past year I have been studying how people respond to advertising and use the internet. Learning different strategies, as well as other CMS Platforms to find out which suites the client the best.

It makes me feel good to launch a new site and watch it succeed or help a customer win more market share and lower costs at the same time. Matthew Birchfield as a freelancer specializes in the whole User Interface, User Experience, Frontend & Backend Development. giving the customer exactly what they want the first time EVERY TIME.

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